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To celebrate the new addition of over 120 new pokemon,
Infernal Crate and Celestial Crate have been added to the server!

They are available on the server store. You will receive two unique prizes per purchased key!


Click here to purchase one now and help support the server!
(They are only available for a limited time, so get one while you can!)

Possible prizes include...

[​IMG]Infernal Crate[​IMG]

- 5 Masterballs (100% Catch Rate) - 3 Random Shinys - 1 Random Nature Token - 2 Shiny Tokens - 2 Infernal Keys - 1 Shiny Umbreon - 1 Shiny Toxicroak - 1 Shiny Garchomp - 1 Shiny Noivern - 1 Shiny Tyrantrum - 1 Darkrai - 1 Giratina - 1 Yveltal - 1 Zekrom - 1 Shadow Lugia

[​IMG]Celestial Crate[​IMG]

- 5 Park Ball (100% Catch Rate) - 3 Random Shinys - 1 Random Nature Token - 2 Shiny Tokens - 2 Celestial Keys - 1 Shiny Sylveon - 1 Shiny Pyroar - 1 Shiny Pangoro - 1 Shiny Talonflame - 1 Shiny Goodra - 1 Shaymin - 1 Cresselia - 1 Xerneas - 1 Reshiram - 1 Arceus


To celebrate the season, Summer Keys will be available all summer long!
With each Summer Key you will receive three different rewards, which may include Hidden Ability Shiny Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, new items just recently added to the server such as Park Balls and Random Nature Tokens, and other wonderful rewards!


Click here to purchase one now and help support the server!
(They are only available for a limited time, so get one while you can!)

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Hello all,

As you all know, Wispen upgraded the server to the newest form of Pixelmon. This update fixes NPC Trainers, eggs not hatching while riding a pokemon, legendaries spawning around water, and more. It is a great update and I am very sure that everyone will enjoy these bug fixes.

However, it is important to note that the server has been crashing after this update. The NPC commands have sometimes overloaded the console, resulting in a crash. All players should be aware of this occurance until it is fixed. Please do not fret; Wispen is working hard in order to keep the server at its best and running properly. This issue will hopefully be fixed in the near future. Please remain patient with us and we hope to see you online!
*All changes mentioned in this post will be implemented over time.*

Hello trainer, recently the server has been quite successful in terms of player growth and player activity, however I personally feel I have failed in many ways to make the server as enjoyable as it could be. Giving out too many free rewards, the shop being overly pay2win, and changes with the staff ranks, in this post I will cover many of the upcoming changes to the Pokecentral server.

In the past livestreams have always been essentially massive drop parties, showering the players with free loot, Pokemon, and all sorts of other rewards. Going forward I plan to reduce the amount of "Free" items given away in exchange for "Earned" items. What this means is instead of all players recieving things we will implement more competitive means of earning the rewards by implementing more and better events. These events could include things such as Tournaments, Races, Challenges, ect.

Over the past few months the store has seen many new packages added, although these packages for the most part were requested by players and appreciated by many, I personally feel as though the server has moved away from being a fun place to play where players have to work to earn powerful Pokemon and rare items, to a place where everything can be bought.

Many changes to the store will be coming over the next few weeks, including the removal of legendaries (from separate purchases as well as ranks), the redesign of many rank rewards, as well as a redesign to the current crate system.

Old perks and rewards will be replaced with what are hopefully more enjoyable and equally gratifying counterparts, these perks will be announced as they are implemented and have not been fully planned.

Staff Changes:
With the current state of the servers staff team there are five major ranks. In order these are Helper, Moderator, Admin, Developer, and Owner. We plan on making...
Champion Rank raffle giveaway!

In an attempt to increase the value of shinies and legendaries on the server,
as well as give players a chance to earn Champion rank for free we're hosting a
Champion Rank raffle giveaway!

Exchange Shinies, Legendaries, and Shiny Legendaries for entries.
Unlimited entries per player are allowed.

1 Shiny Pokemon = 5 Entries
1 Legendary Pokemon = 20 Entries
1 Shiny Legendary Pokemon = 50 Entries

More entries = Better chance to win

Winner will be selected randomly on the 25th of February.
Minimum requirement of 1000 total entries for winner to be drawn.

Any staff member can assist you in exchanging your Pokemon for entries.
Entry totals will be publicly displayed when the raffle ends.

Just a quick post regarding scams

There's been potential scamming going on. In order to make our, the staff, lives easier, please take screenshots. This will provide us evidence on what's going on. We're going to still do some extra checks if we feel like it to verify the trade actually happen.

Screenshots make our and your life so much easier, safer and faster. Stay safe. Make screenshots.
We are investigating the current issues that seem to have appeared. We're very sorry for the inconvenience!

EDIT: Issues seem to be resolved

Kind regards,