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New Profile Posts

  1. DoenerPH
    DoenerPH Wispen
    what happen to the server ? :/ i wanna play :D
  2. Strike2992
    Strike2992 Wispen
    How can i apply to become a helper?
  3. Strike2992
    Strike2992 Thegamingkid123
    How do i apply to become a helper?
  4. Kink0xo
    Kink0xo GrayAlpha
    Hey i have posted a problem and Roberts says you can solve it. It is a case of lost pokemon . Check the complains .
    Thank You!!
  5. C0NR
    Probably playing some pixelmon xD
  6. C0NR
    Gotta Catch em' ALL!
  7. GrayAlpha
    Working hard to help solve server problems.
  8. xXPinkBroPvXx
    xXPinkBroPvXx Wispen
    wispen 10 day to fix every thing on the sever every one is upsad and mad, so can you fix it pokemon are lost and more
  9. ThatWeirdPony
    Wondering where the bosses are
  10. FishFreckles
    I am the GenGansta
  11. Sonicblaster1
    Long Live to Blaziken
  12. Venomthesnake
  13. Venomthesnake
  14. Wanet purado
  15. Knightas
    1. Eranda Zhao
      Aug 31, 2017
  16. Striker
    Helper Nerd
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  17. Airdog_
    Airdog_ benified
    First, Grats on Helper Benny
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    2. benified
      Lol thank you
      Aug 30, 2017
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  18. Conboy86
  19. Drepit Byonit
  20. GrayAlpha
    Extremely honored to announce that I was promoted to the Admin rank! I will be able to help you with your problems! Feel free to message me.