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The Current State of Pokecentral (February 19th 2017)

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wispen, Feb 19, 2017.

By Wispen on Feb 19, 2017 at 4:42 PM
  1. Wispen

    Wispen Administrator Administrator

    Sep 3, 2016
    *All changes mentioned in this post will be implemented over time.*

    Hello trainer, recently the server has been quite successful in terms of player growth and player activity, however I personally feel I have failed in many ways to make the server as enjoyable as it could be. Giving out too many free rewards, the shop being overly pay2win, and changes with the staff ranks, in this post I will cover many of the upcoming changes to the Pokecentral server.

    In the past livestreams have always been essentially massive drop parties, showering the players with free loot, Pokemon, and all sorts of other rewards. Going forward I plan to reduce the amount of "Free" items given away in exchange for "Earned" items. What this means is instead of all players recieving things we will implement more competitive means of earning the rewards by implementing more and better events. These events could include things such as Tournaments, Races, Challenges, ect.

    Over the past few months the store has seen many new packages added, although these packages for the most part were requested by players and appreciated by many, I personally feel as though the server has moved away from being a fun place to play where players have to work to earn powerful Pokemon and rare items, to a place where everything can be bought.

    Many changes to the store will be coming over the next few weeks, including the removal of legendaries (from separate purchases as well as ranks), the redesign of many rank rewards, as well as a redesign to the current crate system.

    Old perks and rewards will be replaced with what are hopefully more enjoyable and equally gratifying counterparts, these perks will be announced as they are implemented and have not been fully planned.

    Staff Changes:
    With the current state of the servers staff team there are five major ranks. In order these are Helper, Moderator, Admin, Developer, and Owner. We plan on making many changes to the role and function of each rank, including implementing a few new ranks to help fill positions that were previously left empty. I will go over the current role of each of the ranks in order for the players and staff to get a better idea of what role they're meant to fill.

    Trusted: (community contributor)
    Trusted rank is not considered a "Staff Rank". Instead trusted will represent trusted members of the community whom have shown that they are knowledgeable about Pixelmon, enjoy helping other players, and are seen as respected and mature by the majority of the playerbase. If you accept trusted rank, punishments for rule breaking will be more severe as you are seen as a role-model for the community.

    Trusted players will receive a "Trusted" Prefix as well as access to the following commands:
    /endbattle, /kick, and /mute (max 1 hour).

    Trial-Mod: (entry level rank / trial rank)
    Trial-mod will replace helpers previous roll as an introduction to the staff team, players who want to help the server in a bigger way can apply to become Trial-Mod's. Trial-Mod will be given to players in order to see if they are a good fit for the staff team, it is a temporary rank that will last no more than 2-4 weeks, at the end of which will lead to either the player receiving moderator or being seen as not the best fit for the staff team and having there regular player status restored.

    Trial-Mods will receive a "Trial-Mod" Prefix as well as access to the following commands:
    /endbattle, /kick, /mute (max 7 days), /tempban (max 7 days), access to staff chats, /tp

    Moderator: (tier 1 staff member)
    Moderators are the first full staff rank, there role will still be to help players, but they will also be tasked with more responsibility.

    Moderators will receive a "Moderator" Prefix as well as access to the following commands:
    /endbattle, /kick, /mute (max 14 days), /tempban (max 14 days), access to staff chats, /tp, /tphere, /invsee, /vanish, ect.

    Admin: (tier 2 staff member)
    Admins are the highest tier staff member, they will be expected to help implement new things on the server as well as continue there role with helping players and moderating chat.

    Admins will receive an "Admin" prefix as well as access to the following commands:
    /endbattle, /kick, /mute (unlimited), /ban (unlimited), access to staff chats, /tp, /tphere, invsee, creative mode, world edit, ect.

    Developer: (special tier staff member)
    Developers generally work on the back-end of the server, creating new features and plugins, managing security, reducing issues regarding lag and bugs, as well as ensuring server uptime.

    Developers will recieve a "Developer" prefix as well as access to OP

    Owner: (top tier staff member)
    Owns the server.

    Owners will receive a "Owner" prefix as well as access to everything.

    More information on changes that are being made to the server will be released as the changes are further into development.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Wispen, Feb 19, 2017.

    1. PugsCanPvP Alt
      PugsCanPvP Alt
      you are still the best server owner
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    2. Dabbery
      Forgot Community Manager :) XD hahaha
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    3. marioanddj
      Thank you for the much needed change.
    4. [Annonamus]
      wispen i play your server alot! like 5-6 hours a day at least and its super fun but i dont want this u need new helpers and mabey get rid of some of them ok hear me out some of your helpers are on a ton and are super helpful [IrishMaysey] for example he is helpful always helping the new and long time players a ton in chat but i fell like all the other helpers arent that helpful like the admins are always super helpful all of them but i just feel over 50% of the helpers just use the rank for there own sake so everyone see's there ign in chat if there selling/buying things. i dont want to point finger but most of the time the helpers dont help me in chat withch makes me repet the question i have in chat more revolting in spam and i know they c it they say stop saying the same thing before they even help me so mabey give an insentive to the helpers that do there good well constantly but what do i know i am just a viewer that doesnt even own a rank XD but wispen if u are reading this plz take some of this into consideration ? and if u really want my ign i will tell u but i called myself this as in my opinion there neads to be more changes in that regardes oh and helpers being able to kick someone up to an hour plz no i think that should not be a change beacause if a helper is sensative we are all screwed in the server community XD the most savage gang ever :D
    5. skateninja
      I love these ideas wispen and your right on the dot with all the topics.I can't wait to see the server evolve!
    6. GreenEclips
      okay dude first of all helpers should get kick what if their is someone spamming a person and their is no other staff on to kick that play for spam. so kicking them is needed. thats what a helper is their for to help someone that is being spammed to be able to kick them this is just my opinion, and when u say helpers get off topic they dont i see helpers in chat helping people and the helpers should be able to get off topic cuz they deserver time to play on the server. well im done talking here "annonamus"

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